At Good Shepherd, we have an experienced Wellbeing team to build a safe, inclusive and connected school community, with a culture that values diversity and fosters positive, respectful relationships.

The Wellbeing team is guided by the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework to provide every student with the strongest foundation possible for each of them to reach their aspirations in learning and in life.

We have a holistic approach to support students and families to strengthen student engagement and learning outcomes. We provide services such as learning interventions, emotional and friendship support, individual or small group support, counselling, and psychological assessment for students with specific needs.

Wellbeing Team CARE

We C (connect) A (assess) R (respond) E (empower)

  • Connect with teachers, staff, parents, service providers to holistically assist students.
  • Assess the needs of the student and assess how we can best meet their requirements.
  • Respond to the child’s needs, providing the appropriate support.
  • Empower the child with tools to enable growth.

Our team includes Vanessa Ross Assistant Principal, Charlotte Fitzpatrick Classroom Support Teacher, Diana Jones Classroom Support Teacher, Taryn Ahern Defence Support Mentor, Terree Olive Wellbeing Officer and Nik-nur Shuhaimi our Catholic Care Counsellor.

If the team can be of assistance, please contact your teacher in the first instance or you may contact Terree Olive at terree.olive@cg.catholic.edu.au.