Our School

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School is a vibrant and growing school in the Gungahlin area of Canberra. We are a welcoming school community dedicated to a holistic approach to teaching and learning that enables each child to achieve their full potential.

Our Belief Statement

To be together the heart of God through: 

  • Connected Hearts: As a caring community, we welcome diversity and reach out to others.
  • Inspired Minds: As a collaborative community, we inspire learning to ensure sustainable growth.
  • Flourishing Students: As a dynamic community, we build identity and resilience to nourish wellbeing.


Our School Logo 

Deeply planted in the land of the Aboriginal people, our Good Shepherd bends towards all people in a gesture of loving welcome. Each one is personally blessed and known by name. Children and adults are drawn into this nurturing, nourishing, supportive, protective and compassionate love of the One who keeps all in view. 

In this close companionship, the Good Shepherd reminds us that we too are to care for each other, to look after each other, to bend towards one another in comfort and support To Be Together The Heart of God.

Our Parish

We are blessed and privileged to have the Holy Spirit Parish Team. Fr Mark Croker as an integral member of our school community. Our school has been built on the vision of home, school and parish growing together. The Holy Spirit Parish Team leads our community and directly supports the school through:

  • Parish_Logo.pngParticipation in staff development
  • Participation in school community prayer and sacraments
  • Classroom visits
  • The sacraments and rituals which celebrate children’s experiences
  • Spiritual support for families
  • Leadership of and support for the Sacramental Programs
  • Parenting courses
  • Fundraising
  • Prayer and practical support

School Prayer 

Prayer plays an integral role at Good Shepherd as it is the way we communicate with God our Father and Creator, his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who leads our lives. Each morning we pray our school prayer:

God who loves us all,

Help us to be like Jesus the Good Shepherd.

May we be your hands, eyes, voice and feet to all we meet.

Guide us each day to live the Golden Rule

so together we are the Heart of God in Amaroo.

Bless our school community with your love,


As a Catholic Christian community, it is necessary that we ask God for help every day. The staff and every class pray each day to stay in constant communication with God our Father.


"A year and some change on, I reflect back to your question and can now answer it! What Good Shepherd School does differently is ' inclusion'. For the first time, Our Son has been allowed the freedom to be himself without fear of being crazy or weird and he is no longer in trouble at school. It is through the inclusive community at Good Shepherd school, that our son feels confident in himself and his love of learning has returned. 

"As a former soldier, my husband has alsways taught our boys to 'Never leave anyone behind' and this is what I have observed at your school, no child is left behind.

“We have complete confidence in the school. The principal is great at building the community.” Good Shepherd parent.

“The leadership is strong. The principal is open and honest and communicates very effectively. “ Good Shepherd parent.

“When my family was facing adversity, the school community supported us and the children in a way that I will never forget. The children got love and support at school, I had phone calls and follow-up care. The school has a freezer with beautiful meals prepared by other members of the community and I got freezer meals. I cried. The love and care was absolutely overwhelming.” Good Shepherd parent.

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