Year 6 Leadership Program

With Jesus as our role model, our Good Shepherd Leadership Program is built around ‘Servant Leadership’. Our first unit of learning each year focuses on students identifying their own skills and talents and exploring different leadership styles. Our program includes Leadership days with guest speakers, school camp and opportunities to develop skills through different leadership groups.


Just as leadership is a work in progress, so is our leadership program. For example, as we come together in small teams we develop the skills of collaboration. Working together to discuss the observations of the week and work on solutions together. Or, as an agile learner developing the skills of innovation, reflection, risk taking or defending our point of view; whilst always respecting the opinion of others or changing our point of view based on evidence and experience.

Throughout the curriculum at Good Shepherd, we endeavour to develop the skills of agility, resilience, collaboration, independence, curiosity and of course the Good Shepherd in our learning and relationships with the people around us.


As with all learning experiences we learn through the wisdom of others. Through partnership with the CSYMA team we reflect on the importance of reflecting and taking time to listen to our heart. With Jesus as our guide, we can continue to grow as unique and authentic people. In the past we have learned through the experiences of people like Lorin Nicholson or Olympic athletes and the perseverance and sacrifices made to achieve success. In 2023 we were fortunate to have Their Excellencies the Governor General David Hurley and his wife Linda Hurley visit the school and talk with our young leaders about their experiences of leadership and the responsibilities they have. Two important takeaways from our talk were, leadership is about others. Following in the footsteps of Jesus we are called to serve others. The other important take away was to be an active liste6 students attend a 3 day camp at Borambola Sport & Recreation Centre outside of Wagga Wagga. Through participation in a variety of activities and experiences, camp is designed to develop a sense of independence, renewed confidence, cooperative skills and teamwork.