Our Staff

School Leadership Team 2022

David Austin Principal
Melinda Hall-O’Brien Assistant Principal
Anthony O’Connell Religious Education Coordinator (REC)
Philippa Brotchie Coordinator
Diana Jones Coordinator
Vanessa Ross Coordinator

Teaching Staff  2022

Non-Teaching Staff

Principal Administration Support Adriana Hindson
Finance Manager Helen Wilks
Front Office Manager Anna Klose

First Aid Officer

Stephanie Flaherty
Clerical assistant (Library/Office) Sue Hall
Parish Priest Fr Mark Croker
Learning Support Team

Charlotte Fitzpatrick, Kylie Horrigan EALD

 Diana Jones,

Classroom Support Assistants Libby Willemsen, Anne Smart, Taryn Ahern, Tania Fleming, Alannah Fromholtz, Terree Olive, Natalie Pooley, Nicola Bociek
Student Welfare Officer Terree Olive (Mon-Thur)
Defence Support Mentor Taryn Ahern (Mon-Fri)
Communications Officer Taryn Ahern
School Counsellor Kylie Whitten (Mon -Thur)
Maintenance Brett King

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