Our Staff

School Leadership Team

David Austin Principal
Melinda Hall-O’Brien Assistant Principal
Anthony O’Connell RE Coordinator
Philippa Brotchie Coordinator
Diana Jones Coordinator
Vanessa Ross Coordinator

Teaching Staff

STEM  Michelle Weier and Vanessa Ross
Languages Teacher (Italian) Sally Taurasi
Office Adminstration Joan Jones / Sue Hall ( 9.00am - 11.00am)
Teacher Librarian Bernadette Aitken
Finance Manager Helen Wilks
Library Assistant  Sue Hall
Classroom Support Team Di Jones, Victoria Buckley and Charlotte Fitzpatrick
Classroom Support Assistants Maria Goleby, Libby Willemsen, Anne Smart, Kylie Horrigan, Taryn Ahern, Tania Fleming and Alannah Fromholtz
Chaplain/Wellbeing Counsellor (Mon-Wed) Prisca Chimiti
Defence Student Mentor Taryn Ahern
School Counsellor Mutsumi Sakaguchi – Even Mondays, Every Thursday
Maintenance Brett King