Digital citizenship

All students must read and accept both the Student Agreement and the  the Breaking Student Agreement documents with their parents/guardian before commencing the BYOD program.


Teachers will incorporate digital citizenship into lesson plans and students will be involved in workshops run by experts in this field.





This is an exciting initiative and look forward to working collaboratively with the students. To promote a harmonious life at home we recommend establishing a few rules around the use of tablets. They may include:

  • only using tablets in common house areas i.e. NOT in bedrooms
  • depending on the houshold, screen time limits may need to be agreed upon
  • monitoring communication from tablets i.e. Messenger, Facetime, Skype etc
  • using tablets for learning purposes before leisure
  • understanding that social media sites have an age restriction of 13 years and over.
There is a Home Plan to assist with establishing and maintaining home routines.