(2 to 4)Which device?


Your device will need to support our 802.11 N 5GHz network, and currently, may include iPad 4, iPad Air (1 and 2), iPad mini (2 to 4), iPad Pro and Android tablets. The BYOD program is limited to tablet devices due to their portability and functionalities. The recommended device (dated February 2018) is the iPad  ( current 2018 model).  97% of students use an Apple device. Devices may have cellular capabilities, however, they may not have sim cards installed. It is recommended that any new purchases should have a memory of at least 32 gigabytes. We are open to trialling on a case by case basis the Microsoft Surface and other laptops.




The right cover is important to protect your investment. There are many types available. We recommend a cover that protects all four corners of your device that can stand at about 30 degrees in landscape orientation. We will endevour to ensure that students carry their devices safely around the school grounds. 

What if I can’t afford it?


The school is mindful that for many families the provision of an appropriate device is a significant financial impost. For this reason the school is looking to support these families by providing a device for their child’s use during the day. Clearly it is hoped that this arrangement will be available for a minority of students. If the demand for school provided devices is too high the school will need to explore other options. Please email Vanessa Ross is this is the case.