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Creating an Apple ID

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In order to ef fectively use iPads each student requires access to an Apple ID to downlo ad Apps. This includes paid and free Apps.

Any email address can be used for setting up an Apple ID. This could be a parent’s existing email address or an ema il address such as a gmail or iC loud that the whole family can use. The advantages of using a family ID are that all family members can share an App from a single purchase and ID use is transparent to parents as every action made by your c hild on that ID will be notified to the parent email -­‐ t his will include purchases, free downloads, log in to anothe r device, password changes etc.

There are several ways in which this can be done that offer different levels of additional functionality, al l of which are free.


Option #1 – Create an Apple ID with attached iCloud services.

This is the best method if you wish to set up a new email address as it automatically creat es an Apple ID for you at the same time. It is possible to also us e an existing em ail address. T his is the easiest way to get access to the back up facilities of iCloud.


Option # 2 – Create an Apple ID only

This method requires you to have an existing email address. It could be an iCloud, gmail or any other email address. Once the Apple ID is created it is possible to easily enable iCloud services at a later stage.


Option # 3 – Use a parent ’ s exis ting Apple ID No set up is required as students use the parent details.


Option #1 – Create an Apple ID with attached iCloud services

 1. Select the Settings icon on the iPad

 2. Select iCloud in the left sidebar

3. Select Create a new Apple ID

4. Enter a parent birthday. This is to ensure that the account is in the name of someone over 13 years of age which is a condition of setting up an Apple I D

5. Enter the name of the person (parent) setting up the account

6. Select Get a free iCloud email Address or enter current email address

7. Enter a family name for the email address and ID

8. Create your new address

9. Enter a password that conforms to the requirements. Use a combination that is meaningful to your family group.

10. Answer the three secur ity questions. Whilst time consuming at this stage, these questions are very useful if the account password is forgotten.

11. Add a secondary email address, again useful if other details get forgotten or the original email address becomes inaccessible.

12. If you do not wish to receive messages from Apple then move the slider bar to cover the green

13. Agree to the Terms and Conditions

14. Your Apple ID is now set up.

15. Go to Settings > iCloud to view the various options available. The most important feature here is to turn on Find My iPad – this will use your iPad’s in - build GPS functionality to locate you iPad on a map if it ever becomes ost or stolen.




Option # 2 – Create an Apple ID only

1. Select the App Store icon on the iPad

2. Select the Featured option at the bottom left of the screen.

3. Scroll to the bottom on the page and press the Sign In button

4. Select Create New Apple ID

5. C onfirm Country

6. Agree to the Terms of Service

7. Enter Account details

If you do not wish to subscribe to email news the n deselect the green slider buttons.


Option # 3 – Use a parent ’ s exisiting Apple ID

Your child can use an existing parent Apple ID as their own, no set up is required in this case . This is a simple solution but be aware that your child would need to know your password, which would give them full access to all services attached to that ID, inc luding all the Apps within the parent account. This method is definitely not recommended i f a parent credit card is attached to the account as there would be no limit to student spending.

Parents could keep the ID details to themselves and use this method to download Apps for their child. This is secure but no t recommended as there can be delays in s tudents getti n g access to the Apps they require. It also works against the school ’ s efforts to promote responsible and ethical use by our student .


Points for Consideration

a. Make a Password that is meaningful to your child and thus easier to remember . Keep a copy of the login and Password details.

b. It would be advantageous for your child to be able to purchase personal Apps. This is best done by purchasing an iT unes card to create limited credit on the account. Press the redeem button at the bottom of the App Store and enter the code on the back of the card.

c. It is not advisable to attach a credit card to a family account .